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For 25 years, FireDos have been producing dosing systems for applications that require a particular technical performance or chemical resistance.

For the last 15 years they have provided a range of product variants under the FireDos trade-name for applications in the fire-fighting sector. With their many advantages, FireDos products quickly gained acceptance and there are now several thousand of our mixing systems installed, all over the world, working to our customers' complete satisfaction.

FireDos place great importance on handling everything about their products themselves: design and development, registration procedures, production (including the manufacture of most components), sales and service, together with quality assurance and environment management, all remain under one roof in Germany.

FireDos is a solely mechanical dosing-system for dosing of foaming agents and other fire-fighting and fire-protection chemicals. Dosing of alcohol-resistant foaming agent concentrates, all film-forming foaming agent concentrates, multi-range foaming agent concentrates or wetting agents can be released. In addition FireDos can be used for dosing fire-fighting gels and retardants. FireDos is offering a solution for every foam application one can think of, for example in foam sprinkler systems, in foam spray-flooding systems and for fog spraying systems. FireDos can also be supplied in highly corrosion-resistant and saltwater-resistant materials for offshore environments.

The multitude of its characteristics turns FireDos into a universally useable concept: FireDos is driven by the water flow, no external energy has to be supplied by an electro or diesel engine for example. It is easy to use, easy to install, even if retrofitting an existing system. FireDos is automatically working proportional to the volume flow, which means it is dosing independent from varying volume flows or varying system pressures.